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So I have now done my 3rd race out of the 4, with an improved time aswell. Stitches are still there but I think I can control these now and help ease them off.

I didn’t set off too quickly nor too slowly but felt comfortable in my ability, whilst also going passed overs that I had beaten me last time out when I blew my self up and went way too quickly. I have to say I really enjoyed this race it felt a lot better, even if the nerves were still there, but overall very happy that I did improve my time to 23mins 43secs. Best bit was I was able to feel another runner come back and then kick to extend my distance on them and then I was able to focus on another runner from a local club (this always gives me a great boost when going passed a runner from a club) whereby I was able to sprint to the finish and beat them by 3 seconds.

Race 3

Recently as I have already mentioned I am starting to feel like things are slowly clicking in place.

With my steps per minute always in the high hundreds just where I am wanting them to be and according to where my optimum cadence. So with this in mind and doing another 5k race where I improved my time, I have been after my 10k PB time not my 5k.

For me I feel that 5k is a little too short now and so I am not overally great at putting in a good 5k time whereas I feel better going for the 10k, I have been close recently and the fact that my first ever go at 10k I was able to put in a 55min time whereby I was over moon, its something now that I am wanting to focus on along with having a local race coming up which is 10k, so lets see how I do.

So I covered this a while ago about running to and from work and with another 5k race coming up thought I could grab a layin with a little training for the next race. So this week I have done the run twice to and from work with last week only once. Mainly due to time and just having a few things to do at home.

So how has it gone, not too bad at all I have been enjoying it again and recently decided to purchase a new backpack just for the running side of things I have noticed a little improvement on the way in and on the way home, with the air temp being hot which doesn’t always help but I am defiantly becoming a better runner.

The run to and from work is 5k each way so this really does help to get the training in, this morning tho the route seemed to whizz by and so I am happy how my running is progressing with it becoming easier as the time goes on, thinking back to Feb/March when I started, I feel now in the last month its all just clicking with it all becoming more pleasurable.

I will post a little review of the backpack I purchased in the next week, but so far I am very happy with it and how it does help my running but thought I would post about my runs to work which I have now done a few more of.

A lot can be said for getting your running form right and I feel this last month and moreover the last 2 weeks of my running everything has clicked, I am able to do a stride of 170+ a minute now which is right where I want to be and with my posture and what seems like ease it all seems to be coming together which I am really happy about, its taken awhile and a lot of my running time upto now has had me thinking about my form, about the arms, my body posture etc with now it seeming to becoming more like second nature.

You have to remember I am not a member of any club nor have I had any coaching, its just from what I have read and what seems to have worked for me with of course not everything working and just appling what fits I have been able to get to a decent standard with my stats proving this.

Recently I have really gotten into running off road, or trail running as it is called. Just started to have enough of the normal running routes I do and also the fact the pavement when running is a complete arse, the way it slopes or is uneven or just people walking so have to go pass them in the road is not overall great.

As I live not too far from the countryside I thought I would expand my running on to some of the MTB routes that I do and I have been able to turn this little off road jaunt into a 11km run with recently missing my PB for 10k whilst being off road to which I am really happy with my progress.

The route I go is 90% off road with some road/pavement parts to help join it up, its not an easy route with a couple of long and steep hills thrown in to get the legs fired up, but I do seem to be making good time and progress with the attitude of not giving in I have been able to really push myself and get my body used to this.


As you can see the from the above it’s a nice little run very local to me with out losing family time! Let me know what your runs are like compared to this as I am sure its not the hardest but first thing, when I do most of my running its a good little tester.

So whilst I have been offline I had my second race, with the attendance being double the first race and few more people from running clubs at the start line, I had no idea where I would be.

The added fact I had the In-Laws come and watch me I felt I had to do well……..


So how did I do, well I really didn’t know you could get multiple stitches. Shot off way too quickly and suffered big time, with my first mile being 6 mins 38 secs which is just way too fast from someone who had just come back off holiday, towards the end of the first lap I was suffering, with the second lap being damage limitation.

I was able to use the down hill sections to my advantage by helping to rest, but the damage had been done with my first few miles of the 3.2m (5K) course, also the course was slightly different this time round, which did catch out one runner who had to run back to rejoin. I was happy with my 100m sprint to the line where I did redeem myself a little, but now I have learnt the hard way so next I should be better prepared and have a much better understanding about the task in hand. Along with making sure I eat correctly and remember to switch off my GPS watch when I do cross the line!!