Monthly Archives: November 2015

So a few weeks in now and I have to say I am pleased with the progressed I have made so far, finding the routes to do has been a struggle to get the distance and timing right but now has come together nicely. With a 10k route being used to and from work not sure how this will work with the colder weather, may have to be adjusted, the route uses some a nice decent that turns into a incline on the reverse leg home!

But overall I am very happy and doing the miles or near enough a week without being too tired I feel has started to pay off and still on target to do a longer run by the end of the year.

So with the entry into the London Marathon I have now set myself a target of being able to complete a Half marathon before the end of the year.



I have also set a target time of 3 Hours 5 Minutes which mean I would then qualify for 2017 marathon, time will see if this is a little bit out of my reach but nothing like pushing yourself to see what your end result will be, I am hoping that I would be atleast under 4 hours!!