Monthly Archives: January 2016

So with the #runcommute still going well I have now just got a PB on Strava for 5k during one of the commutes. Strava never recognised the fact I did a quick time during the 5k race events I did last summer, so was nice to see this pop up.


I feel that these little things just help with the motivation and help to push yourself that little more while not losing the enthusiasm.

So been doing a lot of reading about different types and brands, with the pros and cons. After a lot of searching I have gone for Injinji toe socks and at first I was a little skeptical at first and the feel of them was a little odd but have to say whilst running feel so good. I don’t think I will change now to the ‘normal’ type of socks for running.


 Even if they do make your feet look black with frostbite.