Monthly Archives: February 2016

With the pain not really relenting I thought it was time to go and get another gait analyst done at my local Sweatshop, no harm I thought, well I came out of there a little lighter in the wallet department with some New Balance Freshfoam 1080’s. I was there around a hour and with the shop attendant really helpful and happy for me to try on different shoes etc

I took my 2 pairs of shoes and then tried on another 2 pairs with videos done for each and played back and then on to the next, even trying the molded in soles that they do. I have to say that I do feel that the time was spent wisely and with the policy discount at Sweatshop it did help to take a little bit of the sting out of it.

I settled for the 1080’s of the 860’s mainly due to the looks but in terms of overall ride and performance thought that the 1080’s would be better long term, with the others feeling a little heavy. I went for the wider fitting as my feet looked a little squashed in the normal fitting. So lets see how we go with these, 30 days to try as well so its really a win win for the customer with a good reason to make a purchase in person.


 They do look very racey and after a quick little loop around the block feel very nice indeed!

So everything was going well and did the half at the weekend with everything seemly falling in place, well I appear to be in a lot of pain and so have been taking it easy with the running over the last few weeks.

Everytime I try and do a 10k or even a 5k I get very bad pain in the back of my lower right leg, so much so I ran into work but had to get a lift home. I am starting to feel that I might be shoes, with some other pains starting to come now when I put these shoes on, even giving my feet and legs quite a few days rest and doing some cycling it comes straight back.


 I have just joined a new life cover policy provider and they give great discounts, with one of them being for Sweatshop so I think that another gait analyst is on the cards with maybe some new shoes.

I get the feeling that February could be an expensive month, we have just changed our life insurance to a new provider who give you benefits for being apart of the scheme.

Some of the benefits are

  • Free weekly Starbucks drink
  • Free cinema tickets
  • 50% off Sweatshop and Garmin/Fitbit/Polar/Misfit products

There are many more and the healthier you are the more you benefit and the lower your policy could be.

So with the above in mine I took up one of the offers and ordered a new Garmin, there wasn’t anything wrong with the TomTom sports watch and I still think it is a great product but there was 2 factors that made me want to get the Garmin.

Firstly with the marathon coming up I thought it would be a good idea that my wife and family could track me where I am and how I am doing via the online feature, yes this means having the watch and phone paired during the event but as I will need my phone anyway to make contact when I am finished I thought why not.

Secondly it was the steps counting feature for linking to our insurance account which would then allow us to track our steps, ok so maybe it was also a chance to get a new device that had a few more features and with the added bonus of a heart rate monitor built in.


 I went for the Forerunner 235 which I think has the best balance of features, it doesn’t have the cycling part ( I have purchased another Garmin device that will just stay with the bike Edge 20 which I am also very happy with, the size and functions are perfect for my cycling needs!), but the rest of the features really do make up for it, so I will write a month review but after opening the box and getting the watch on I have to say I am very happy!

As part of the training for the London Marathon I thought it would be good now to increase the miles to get the body used to the mileage that it will be put through during the marathon.

Looking at the below I am very happy with this pace and for my 2nd try at a half I appear to be heading in the right direction, good constant pace and seemed to have the energy, but getting the body used to something is for the most part is the aim of these long miles.


I can now in theory build upon this and then move forward with the training knowing that I am going to be ready for the 26.2 miles that will lie ahead of me come 24th of April.