Monthly Archives: March 2016

What better way to start your day off than a early morning run around your town, legs must of stayed in bed, it was a hard slog towards the end and at one point wasn’t sure if I was going to do it.

On days like these (not the song) you really need the mental attitude to really push for pain etc.

It’s now starting to get a little real in terms of the London Marathon only 45 days away, days sound longer than weeks, so with the couple of weeks off I had and thinking I had thrown it all away I seem to be back into the rhythm and also on track to do some more big miles.

The one thing I have noticed with running, bearing in mind I only started in February last year, is that there are so many variables to it. Each person is so different from the next with the internet helping to fuel huge variations of what is essentially a simple sport, don’t get me wrong I really enjoy it and it has been hard sometimes but with the social media of Twitter and Instagram this helps to keep the motivation going.

I thought I would just be able to buy a pair of running shoes and go, but that isn’t as simple as it sounds with some of the shoes not right for your body, I have tried the minimal type of shoes which at the start seemed great but with the niggling pains not going or getting worse I reverted back to a more supportive shoe with my current shoe being a New Balance 1080 but in a wide fitting along with a insole from the shuropody company has really helped to ease the achillies pain that I was getting, not simple stretches really help. Some might say that minimal is supposed to be how we naturally run and its a better way but if your in pain sod that!

With the marathon coming ever closer to race day and with a half booked in this month what will I do afterwards, this has been the question that has been going on in my head recently, you condition your body to run this marathon distance and then what just stop?! Seems a little bit of a shame really to just then not do anything about it afterwards, so I have been thinking about maybe going a little further and a lot of the runners I follow are ultra runners so I guess time will tell…

Ok so I was able to do the longest distance on Saturday that I have ever been – 17.3 miles, I had planned the route first so I knew the distance would be right and I did go a little further than I had planned but hey if the mood takes you as they say.

It was a early start with a shot of beetroot juice at around 3 am and then waking up at 4:35 am to then go and get ready for the 5 am off, it really does help to get things ready the night before. I put on my Inov-8 EliteRace pack and a water bladder from my Osprey pack then put 4 gels in the side pocket with a Cliff bar in the other pocket. Normal clothing for this time of year with the added Silva head torch, and I really did need that as I had forgotten that some of the roads I ran on had the street lights switched off due to the local scheme but it added to the excitement at that time in the morning.

I tried to stick to a pace, having switched the watch to miles for I knew the true distance rather than trying to do the conversion in my head whilst running (not good at maths to start with let alone trying to run and do a divide by 1.6), so how did it go, well I was able to do the miles and didn’t stop once, used all 4 gels so will need more for any further distances which is another good test. Glad I went with the water bladder also which meant if I found it a struggle I could get a drink and sometimes a just those little things help to keep the mind in focus which means a happier time running, I was happy with the overall pace which is a real boost and proves with the next long mile run being planned for this weekend at 20 miles that I can do it with a little more prep.


 As you can see the time is good for a first attempt, I was a little shattered the rest of the day but felt good that I had been able to do it, means that my kind of plan is on track.