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Been looking into running a bit more and bought a few magazines now, also some are available on my Android tablet with a 30 day free trail ( if you time it right you can get 2 months worth free).

So I had Trail Runner and Runners World UK 2 very good magazines and I have been able to learn a great deal from these.

One of the articles in RWUK happened to mention about a movement of #run2work day.


They are trying to get a government scheme whereby you could get a similar voucher to the Cycle 2 Work, where by you would be able to purchase running equipment (shoes, top and bottoms) whilst also making sure there is facilities to allow you to get changed, most places have a shower or similar area to allow you to get changed. I did sign up to the petition but be warned I did get a lot mail about other petitions, must of missed the tick box on that one.

I think this is a good idea and with that in mind I created a Facebook page – My movement Ipswich/Suffolk   So if you are local then please join the group and share your experiences.

They say about running to work on a Thursday but no reason why you can’t run when ever you wanted to, some I know run to work and then bus or lift home and vesa versa. Just do it how ever it best fits you, I do run to and from work but it does take it out of you.

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