So after wanting a new bike for a while now, I finally managed to find one that I like and was in stock and also was from a Local Bike Shop.

I have been liking the steel framed bikes for a while now and did a little research and also sat on a few, saw what they looked like in the flesh which can be really important. One of the LBS’s stock Genesis which is a brand I quite like and have been looking at on and off for some time. My old bike was a Cube Cross Race Disc which I love, was great on road with the added bonus of the disc brakes which really did help in the year round commute. I had never had a puncture with this bike and so thought my next step is to go back to MTB style of bike, this was due to wanting to focus more on my running and therefore in theory reduce the amount of hours/distance I do on my bike (I was commuting longer by 5 miles each way) with then being able to go off road when I wanted.

Ignore the saddle...

Ignore the saddle…

So I took a punt and ordered the Genesis High Latitude 20 in a 20.5 frame size, oh its a 29er also. So was very excited to get this bike and I have to say I have not been disappointed with it at all. I have done a quite a few commutes on it now and just recently took it off road for a couple of 15k rides and it handles superbly and rolls so quickly over the terrain with the larger wheels. The ride is very good not harsh at all and X-Fusion front forks this bike really does feel like a bike that I am going to enjoy! Whilst the groupset, Shimano deore, is not the highest out there it is very good with the i-spec setup of the shifters and brakes making the cockpit very clean and the brakes you can rely on and use just one finger to help you come to a stop.


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