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Post 5k race

Right so its the day after my first ever race and first ever 5k race…


Me and my race number 116

So how did I get on, completed the course in 23mins 54secs, which I am happy about as there is a killer of a hill that you have to do twice during the race. Also I finished what I initially thought was 14th out of 27, which is pretty good considering, but it turns out it was out of 40.

So how was the race, I was very nervous due to me thinking about everything, don’t go off too quick, don’t go too slow, don’t get held up etc. I started from the back as this seemed to be a good place as not raced before and well not been running that many months thought it was a good idea. Well it was until I realised that I needed to think about passing people early on otherwise I might be running too slow.

So after the first lap I had passed a few people, not sure how many, just that the next person was my next target and so on. Seemed to pace myself well for the first lap and was starting to enjoy it on the second still thinking about my form.

Passed 2 people in the last k and then saw some one walking up the hill, thought I could take them going up, this is when it got interesting, they saw me and then started to run again. I had caught them up by about 10m afterwards and had started to get my breath, then I caught them and started to really push, knowing that they were also pushing as well but with the finish in sight it was time to push the limit.

So I did and came across the line 2 seconds a head, looking at the finishing times I think I came where I should be with my current ability, so now the training starts and the target to get into the top 10.

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