So whilst I have been offline I had my second race, with the attendance being double the first race and few more people from running clubs at the start line, I had no idea where I would be.

The added fact I had the In-Laws come and watch me I felt I had to do well……..


So how did I do, well I really didn’t know you could get multiple stitches. Shot off way too quickly and suffered big time, with my first mile being 6 mins 38 secs which is just way too fast from someone who had just come back off holiday, towards the end of the first lap I was suffering, with the second lap being damage limitation.

I was able to use the down hill sections to my advantage by helping to rest, but the damage had been done with my first few miles of the 3.2m (5K) course, also the course was slightly different this time round, which did catch out one runner who had to run back to rejoin. I was happy with my 100m sprint to the line where I did redeem myself a little, but now I have learnt the hard way so next I should be better prepared and have a much better understanding about the task in hand. Along with making sure I eat correctly and remember to switch off my GPS watch when I do cross the line!!

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