So I covered this a while ago about running to and from work and with another 5k race coming up thought I could grab a layin with a little training for the next race. So this week I have done the run twice to and from work with last week only once. Mainly due to time and just having a few things to do at home.

So how has it gone, not too bad at all I have been enjoying it again and recently decided to purchase a new backpack just for the running side of things I have noticed a little improvement on the way in and on the way home, with the air temp being hot which doesn’t always help but I am defiantly becoming a better runner.

The run to and from work is 5k each way so this really does help to get the training in, this morning tho the route seemed to whizz by and so I am happy how my running is progressing with it becoming easier as the time goes on, thinking back to Feb/March when I started, I feel now in the last month its all just clicking with it all becoming more pleasurable.

I will post a little review of the backpack I purchased in the next week, but so far I am very happy with it and how it does help my running but thought I would post about my runs to work which I have now done a few more of.

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