So I have now done my 3rd race out of the 4, with an improved time aswell. Stitches are still there but I think I can control these now and help ease them off.

I didn’t set off too quickly nor too slowly but felt comfortable in my ability, whilst also going passed overs that I had beaten me last time out when I blew my self up and went way too quickly. I have to say I really enjoyed this race it felt a lot better, even if the nerves were still there, but overall very happy that I did improve my time to 23mins 43secs. Best bit was I was able to feel another runner come back and then kick to extend my distance on them and then I was able to focus on another runner from a local club (this always gives me a great boost when going passed a runner from a club) whereby I was able to sprint to the finish and beat them by 3 seconds.

Race 3

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