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Half in the bag

Ok so I wasn’t going to do a half until later on in the month but due to my work colleague who is also training for the marathon doing it the day before I thought right lets do it.

I have been running a nice route which works out to be around 10k and knowing the route can be adapted slightly to make it longer I knew that I would be able to just keep going. So getting up very early and having everything prepared (this really does help and saves time from hunting for your gear and getting ready) I left the house and set off, with the first part of the journey thinking where I could ‘stash’ my water bottle ready for the return leg to get some fluids in me whilst taking a gel or 2.

I didn’t want to go crazy for my first time just to see where I would be and how I would do, bearing in mind that this was very early and I took just a banna and some gels, I think I did really well hoping for a 1hr 40 time I was 10 minutes off but still very happy with the result.


As you can see from the image of the run data, the route is a nice up and down, nothing too crazy for a first go, but very constant with the speed and so very happy, will have to see how my body feels later on but it was a very good test to do now just to see where I am now and see what needs to be tweaked!

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