There are lots of training plans out there for running a marathon and if I am really honest I looked at all of them and haven’t really followed any of them, I might of taken certain bits from one and then a element from another but overall I haven’t followed anyone to the letter.

Why, you might ask well it’s just that life gets in the way. I have a young family and really don’t want to miss to much of that, hence why nearly all of my runs are done early morning “fasted” due to getting up whilst the rest of the house is asleep and just getting out there, it has been great to see the seasons change and how the mornings are getting lighter earlier. This way when I come back I can then spend the day with them, I have a long run planned this weekend and it will be my first over the half marathon distance so I have planned to get up around 5am to start this run but I really don’t mind going at this time knowing I will have the rest of the day.

Anyway the training has been a little mixed, just doing the training when I see fit, I run to and from work at least 2 times a week where I can do a 5k or 10k route which does help to get the base miles in along with mixing up the type of running so that it benefits me on the longer runs that I plan. After not being able to do much since the half in early Feb, I did 10 miles last weekend and this weekend plan to do around 15/16 miles which is wear I should of been a few weeks ago, my plan is to try and do a few over 20’s to get the body used to it, some might say that is wrong but I feel that my body needs to know what I have planned for it and therefore not too much of a shock so come marathon day it doesn’t go what the…..


 With the race predictor on my new watch I just want to get the race officials at each race to let me have those times and so not to race 😉

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