Ok so I was able to do the longest distance on Saturday that I have ever been – 17.3 miles, I had planned the route first so I knew the distance would be right and I did go a little further than I had planned but hey if the mood takes you as they say.

It was a early start with a shot of beetroot juice at around 3 am and then waking up at 4:35 am to then go and get ready for the 5 am off, it really does help to get things ready the night before. I put on my Inov-8 EliteRace pack and a water bladder from my Osprey pack then put 4 gels in the side pocket with a Cliff bar in the other pocket. Normal clothing for this time of year with the added Silva head torch, and I really did need that as I had forgotten that some of the roads I ran on had the street lights switched off due to the local scheme but it added to the excitement at that time in the morning.

I tried to stick to a pace, having switched the watch to miles for I knew the true distance rather than trying to do the conversion in my head whilst running (not good at maths to start with let alone trying to run and do a divide by 1.6), so how did it go, well I was able to do the miles and didn’t stop once, used all 4 gels so will need more for any further distances which is another good test. Glad I went with the water bladder also which meant if I found it a struggle I could get a drink and sometimes a just those little things help to keep the mind in focus which means a happier time running, I was happy with the overall pace which is a real boost and proves with the next long mile run being planned for this weekend at 20 miles that I can do it with a little more prep.


 As you can see the time is good for a first attempt, I was a little shattered the rest of the day but felt good that I had been able to do it, means that my kind of plan is on track.

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