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It’s been a while

So it has been some time since I last posted anything on here, might be due to a few things changing at home.

First was a job change, this then had an effect on my running which I had gotten into over those years. Lugging a large laptop back and forth from the office whilst running was not something I was willing to entertain so then the running started to fizzle out and then came the injuries with me still not back to 100%, family life also changed with another child arriving so early morning runs and bike rides are on hold for a little a while.

So now in 2020 with another job change and things being a little more settled, with me now doing DevOps in the Azure world, with also having done some AWS too, I have seen that there are little snippets all over the web that can help people so as and when I will add things here to hopefully help you too in the Azure journey that I am embarking on as my main focus.

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