Right so its the day after my first ever race and first ever 5k race…


Me and my race number 116

So how did I get on, completed the course in 23mins 54secs, which I am happy about as there is a killer of a hill that you have to do twice during the race. Also I finished what I initially thought was 14th out of 27, which is pretty good considering, but it turns out it was out of 40.

So how was the race, I was very nervous due to me thinking about everything, don’t go off too quick, don’t go too slow, don’t get held up etc. I started from the back as this seemed to be a good place as not raced before and well not been running that many months thought it was a good idea. Well it was until I realised that I needed to think about passing people early on otherwise I might be running too slow.

So after the first lap I had passed a few people, not sure how many, just that the next person was my next target and so on. Seemed to pace myself well for the first lap and was starting to enjoy it on the second still thinking about my form.

Passed 2 people in the last k and then saw some one walking up the hill, thought I could take them going up, this is when it got interesting, they saw me and then started to run again. I had caught them up by about 10m afterwards and had started to get my breath, then I caught them and started to really push, knowing that they were also pushing as well but with the finish in sight it was time to push the limit.

So I did and came across the line 2 seconds a head, looking at the finishing times I think I came where I should be with my current ability, so now the training starts and the target to get into the top 10.

So its been a little while since my last post, so what’s happened during my offline period.

Well first off I decided to go for a 5k run the other Saturday but this ended up being a 10k instead, it was just the case of can I do 10k and 55mins later yes I can at the first time of asking so very happy with that, as a colleague and I often say if you can do 1 mile then you can do 2, if you can do 2 then you can 3 etc so mind over matter in some respect.

The other thing is that I decided to enter a 5k race series off the back of doing the 10k. So the Ipswich Summer 5k series is held at Christchurch Park where you do 2 laps of the park while being timed and a nice medal to finish. Lets see how I get on, what’s the worse that could happen right?

Well its been a few weeks now and I have to say that I have been really enjoying the TomTom multisport, so much so I think its coming on holiday with me, this is mainly to do with the features that this watch has, yes it is a watch that happens to have a GPS module inside.

The watch has a feature called quickGPS where upon uploading your data to the website, MySport that is provided by TomTom, it will download the GPS location for next 3-5 days this intern helps for a quicker GPS lock which means you can start your activity quicker also, I have noticed that after a few days of not using the GPS module of the watch it will take longer to lock onto the GPS, saying that I have also noticed that the GPS will sometimes be quicker if you are starting again from the same location where you finished your activity. The watch also has a stopwatch and alarm feature which are very welcome and the alarm, having tested this, does wake you and everyone else around you up. Also the charge of the watch is very good with the watch being able to go between charges for at least 5 days ,with normal wearing and activity tracking also, sometimes a whole week depending on when I decide to dock it to upload my data.

Blurred on purpose

Blurred on purpose

The only point I will say is that the standard strap is rather large, wide and a little ungainly, I did wear the black/grey combo but decided to treat the watch to a couple of things, a screen protector as I am sure its only going to be a matter of time before it gets knocked or scratched. The other was a new slim strap, ended up getting it direct from TomTom as the price difference online with the colour combo I wanted was not worth the faff. So I now have the dark blue and green slim strap and it has transformed the experience again for the better, wish these watches came with this strap as standard so much better plus the wife approves so it must be good.

what do you think?

what do you think?



So after wanting a new bike for a while now, I finally managed to find one that I like and was in stock and also was from a Local Bike Shop.

I have been liking the steel framed bikes for a while now and did a little research and also sat on a few, saw what they looked like in the flesh which can be really important. One of the LBS’s stock Genesis which is a brand I quite like and have been looking at on and off for some time. My old bike was a Cube Cross Race Disc which I love, was great on road with the added bonus of the disc brakes which really did help in the year round commute. I had never had a puncture with this bike and so thought my next step is to go back to MTB style of bike, this was due to wanting to focus more on my running and therefore in theory reduce the amount of hours/distance I do on my bike (I was commuting longer by 5 miles each way) with then being able to go off road when I wanted.

Ignore the saddle...

Ignore the saddle…

So I took a punt and ordered the Genesis High Latitude 20 in a 20.5 frame size, oh its a 29er also. So was very excited to get this bike and I have to say I have not been disappointed with it at all. I have done a quite a few commutes on it now and just recently took it off road for a couple of 15k rides and it handles superbly and rolls so quickly over the terrain with the larger wheels. The ride is very good not harsh at all and X-Fusion front forks this bike really does feel like a bike that I am going to enjoy! Whilst the groupset, Shimano deore, is not the highest out there it is very good with the i-spec setup of the shifters and brakes making the cockpit very clean and the brakes you can rely on and use just one finger to help you come to a stop.


So I have been pondering for a while about getting a new GPS watch as the Garmin has been a pain when connecting to the satalites and can take an age sometimes so I had thought enough is enough, then just as I was looking a little more at different models and the like an email from SportsPursuit came to me saying here are some voucher codes for when you spend over a certain value have some money off.

Then I happened to have a look to see what was on offer and there it was a TomTom Multisport with another strap, HRM and Bike Cadence, at around 50% with the voucher would make it even more of an ideal time to purchase a new GPS watch. So guess what I placed the order and was told 2 weeks, which is no hardship, just over a week and the box arrived with my new watch in.


Upon opening the box I was greeted with the above which is a very nice indeed, I opened the box and had a look at the contents, everything was there as you can see by the below photo. I didn’t take any pictures of the HRM or Bike cadence sensor.




Quick try on the wrist, which seems to suggest its going to be a nice fit for longer runs and/or rides, so after setting it for myself and doing a quick ride home I think I am going to love this device, so lets see how I really get on with it.


With the internet the ability to quickly find something out is only a short tap away.

Type “running enter what you will here” and you will have more results than you know what to do with. So it is key to try and find the most relevant parts to the search results for you, this can be hard and can end up trawling the results for some hours without too much, again everyone is different so reading as much as you can always helps.

I have found that YouTube has been very good in not only reviews but also techniques to be used when running, warming up or down and eating.

One of the better ones I have been viewing is the Running Wild by 2 people who seem to be able to convey things very well for a newbie like me anyway.

Running Wild YouTube Channel

One for reviews who is very good and has a good following is DC Rainmaker who does some excellent reviews of equipment he uses, allowing you to compare different makes/models and also allows other to comment on their experiences.

Lastly for reviews on running shoes etc it has to be Running Shoe Guru who has a nice site which allows you to find the correct shoes based on experience of a user.

Go and give them a look, I am not affiliated with them just find that they really do help a newbie.