So in the early days and the first time I tried my Garmin Forerunner I thought I would just take on my normal walk around town lunch break.

A friend of mine noted that I had done some serious speeding during the walk….


So having used the Strava App a few times on my phone and never really being too keen on using my phone to track my runs or rides, I decided to get a GPS watch that could track my biking and running.

After a search on Google and then a quick scout on eBay I ended up with an old Garmin Forerunner 305, I then added the bike mount from ChainReactionCycles and I was good to go.


Unit arrived and seemed to fit nicely on the wrist even with the size of it, which it is a large device that is for sure. I swapped out the standard strap for the quick release kit and then I was able to use the velcro strap which the unit just clips into and then a simple process of just unclipping and clipping the unit onto the bike mount.

Edit – Getting used to the unit now after a few runs and bike trips, I was happy that it did what I needed. (But for how long)


I have had this domain for a while now, not really sure what to do with it, other than to make sure I had the domain name so have kind of left it parked for a while now.

With a few things happening in my life, work and fitness wise, thought I would do something here rather than starting a new site, with a side line in web design I thought this could be a great way to show my skills and document things here.

So now with that in mind I have decided to publish my work and exploits into the realms of running. I have been biking for most of my life with the last 3 years commuting to work and back, but during the Christmas period of 2014, I began to find myself looking more and more into running and so after a letting January skip by decided to take up running by selling some unwanted bike parts.

So I purchased the following items to get set for the new sport venture, with the my current interest in Japan due to a current language course int he subject I decided to go with Asics as the brand.

  • Running Shorts
  • Running Shorts – 2 in 1
  • Running Tights
  • Running Short Sleeve T Shirt
  • Running Long Sleeve T Shirt
  • Fuji Trail Trainers.

I already had the Howies running mid layer as I used this for biking before I started this running adventure.

So this is the start of something new, lets see where we go….