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So with a Christmas works party being in London the night before, I take the opportunity to go for a nice run around London before heading back on the train.

This run was very nice indeed with the temp being perfect and not many being around at that time of the morning, a bonus in being able to re-run some of the Marathon route also.

Plus I was able to complete the 500 mile’s on these shoes and nice end to their service.

What better way to start your day off than a early morning run around your town, legs must of stayed in bed, it was a hard slog towards the end and at one point wasn’t sure if I was going to do it.

On days like these (not the song) you really need the mental attitude to really push for pain etc.

So due to this time of year and the fact I would be staying down for the night. I thought it would be ideal to combine a little run whilst being in London, plan was to run the finishing part of the marathon to see what the contrast would be like.

So during the works Christmas party I made sure not to go OTT and to get to bed early. This part of the plan worked and waking up at around 7am and getting ready also went well. What didn’t go well was getting a little lost and in the process ending up running 10k, but hey all part of the fun.



As you can see I went a little lower than had planned but made it work back to the hotel and still got in the end part of the marathon which was the main goal, it was great to run in a different area and I also ran in my new Asics trainers which I will be using for the London Marathon aswell a win, win.

Ok so just went on here and realised that it was August since my last post, wow that was a few months ago now.

So what’s been happening, a few things since that last post which we now be posted over the next few days, but here are a few points.

  • Did a great 10k PB in the 10k race and really enjoyed it.
  • Another PB this time for the 5k, on the last race of the series.
  • Did 175km in August as part of one of the Strava challenges.
  • Took a little break and seemed to have come back stronger
  • Oh and got in via a ballot place in the London Marathon 2016

So watch out for the above coming soon.